Straight out of a Fairy Tale

Prague is an old city straight out of a fairy tale — with small cobbled alleyways, quaint houses with cobbled roofs and four-framed window panes, a large Gothic church towering over a large market square, an old astronomical clock that dates back to the 15th century, and a pastry that has a long tradition and looks like a hollowed-out log, hence its name, trdelník….


A Day in Brussels

When I told my patient I was going to Brussels during my Urlaub (Vacation Leave), she asked me why in so outrageous a manner that for a second, I thought she might have a heart attack. Yes, she was overreacting. She said why Brussels when there are more interesting places in Europe that I have to tick off my Places-to-visit list first. She said why when Brussels is so dull and boring and there is nothing good to see. I ignored her. I didn’t owe her explanation anyway😏. It was quite simple though. We just booked the cheapest flight we’d get…