Lake Tegel

After a 7-day straight mess at work — all the excitement, the papers that need to be signed, by patients who adore and despise you from one moment to another, the medications that need to be administered on time, to different patients who have the same “Wunschzeiten”, and hesitantly ignoring emergency phone calls, etc, etc — I felt like I much needed a 1-day “Erholung“. Tegeler See was the place to be. It sure was packed on a weekend. But good thing we started early and was able to enjoy the place before it was getting crowded. It was located…


Kromlau’s version of a devil’s bridge is famous for its semi-circle arch which mirrors itself against the waters of Rakotz See into a perfect circle. It really is a perfect circle at any angle. There is something repulsive, at the same time beguiling about this bridge. Perhaps because it is also known as a “devil’s bridge” which, according to tales, was built after making a pact with the devil for its completion. True or not, I had goosebumps because someone died during construction. A memorial, in fact, stands erect before the bridge’s entrance. 😬 Or was I just in awe….