My Thoughts at 12am

It’s life. You are supposed to find any mundane hint that it could still be amazing no matter how it sucks. To notice a slight hint of color in spite of it being gray.


A Day in Brussels

When I told my patient I was going to Brussels during my Urlaub (Vacation Leave), she asked me why in so outrageous a manner that for a second, I thought she might have a heart attack. Yes, she was overreacting. She said why Brussels when there are more interesting places in Europe that I have to tick off my Places-to-visit list first. She said why when Brussels is so dull and boring and there is nothing good to see. I ignored her. I didn’t owe her explanation anyway😏. It was quite simple though. We just booked the cheapest flight we’d get…


Buildings and malls surround it. Tram lines, buses and trains circuit through it. Located in the middle of the middle (Mitte) of Berlin, this is considered the busiest part of the city. Last month it was just covered with stalls of the Christmas Market, and everyday it is covered with people going on with their own lives. Many would say I live near a place that is dangerous. Yes, a lot of things happen in this area. And just this one afternoon, I turned around and saw the place now covered with snow. I looked up at the “pin”(it really…


Kromlau’s version of a devil’s bridge is famous for its semi-circle arch which mirrors itself against the waters of Rakotz See into a perfect circle. It really is a perfect circle at any angle. There is something repulsive, at the same time beguiling about this bridge. Perhaps because it is also known as a “devil’s bridge” which, according to tales, was built after making a pact with the devil for its completion. True or not, I had goosebumps because someone died during construction. A memorial, in fact, stands erect before the bridge’s entrance. 😬 Or was I just in awe….