Lake Tegel

After a 7-day straight mess at work — all the excitement, the papers that need to be signed, by patients who adore and despise you from one moment to another, the medications that need to be administered on time, to different patients who have the same “Wunschzeiten”, and hesitantly ignoring emergency phone calls, etc, etc — I felt like I much needed a 1-day “Erholung“.

Tegeler See was the place to be.

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Me — most of the time.

It sure was packed on a weekend. But good thing we started early and was able to enjoy the place before it was getting crowded.

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Lake Tegel
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walk-away-pose by yours truly

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It was located just a short walk from Alt-Tegel. A long walk made short just by treating yourself a good nice experience among the pretty little ice cream shops and restaurants along cobbled walkways. But reaching the destination is the best part.

I am not quite sure if it was the sky, with its clouds, or the lake, serene enough to mirror Mr. Sky, that made me at peace. There was a certain kind of tranquility at the place that people surely enjoy. It was irenic. Contrary to what I first mentioned, I think it was the swan that made me happy.
And the birds too.

I love birds. And the children definitely show the same. Chasing birds is what we love to do. It is what we like to do anyway, feed them, then chase after them, pretending that we really could. If only we could, fly, just like them. For me, birds flying in different directions is a beautiful chaos.

Take a pleasure of walking through the Greenwich Promenade. In Spring, you will get to enjoy the green foliage above your head, the calm lake on one side, and the garden of tulips on the other.

Can’t wait to be back there when Spring officially starts. 🙂

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