When I told my patient I was going to Brussels during my Urlaub (Vacation Leave), she asked me why in so outrageous a manner that for a second, I thought she might have a heart attack. Yes, she was overreacting. She said why Brussels when there are more interesting places in Europe that I have to tick off my Places-to-visit list first. She said why when Brussels is so dull and boring and there is nothing good to see.
I ignored her. I didn’t owe her explanation anyway😏.


The Atomium

Yes, atom magnified 165 billion times. This is nowadays a museum. But we did not went inside as we are only spending more or less ten hours in Brussels. We had to move forward.


The famous Brussels Square
Intricately designed buildings surrounding the square

Thanks to the maaaany restaurants and food stops and chocolatiers and cafés near the area, we finally satisfied ourselves.

Brussels is world-renowned for its chocolate and its famous Belgian Waffle. So brace yourselves…

So, going further with our walk, we passed by the statue of Everard t’Serclaes, a hero in Brussels. It is believed that touching the statue brings luck and grants one’s wishes. 

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