Berlin Blossom

This will just be a short post (though I don’t really write long posts). I just want to share photos of my Spring experience (but really, they’re mostly of Sakura) in Berlin.

Aren’t they pretty?😍

This season is just soooo wonderful despite the crazy April weather throwing us ambivalent situations in a day. Spring reminds us that life is beautiful and that it is fleeting, that is why we have to enjoy every day, if not every minute of it.

Relaxing at Britzer Garten on a sunny Berlin Frühling
This is where the Berlin Wall once stood. They are now lined with Sakura trees from the Japanese. They serve as a gift for the reunification of Berlin. This is just a short strip though, I’ll visit the longer one soon!

For more photos please feel free to visit my instagram account! My medium of unleashing the amateur photographer in me (chos!) @rocheangelic

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