Straight out of a Fairy Tale

This is a long overdue post. I went over my photo gallery last year (a habit that I really enjoy doing) and came across our photos in Prague. The Golden City. Some of them made me chuckle because I could remember how we staged the photos, ignoring the amazed and sometimes judging eyes of the people nearby and tourists alike, checking for the perfect spot to position the tripod.

It was a spontaneous trip. We opted for a city we can explore in 2 days with a 150 Euros budget. Mein Flixbus offers trips to Prague from Berlin 13 times daily. These are usually connecting trips from Dresden, Germany and lasts for 4 hours maximum. That doesn’t seem long though especially on a day trip because of the beautiful scenery you will treat yourselves touring along Sachsen, Germany and the countryside of Czechoslovakia.

Like any other city, Prague has many options for the luxury traveler. For backpackers however, the city has also a long list of hostels and boutique hotels who have already built their own reputation for not just being a good value for money but also fun and unique in their own ways. We stayed at Cosmopole Hostel, a 6-story building with a rooftop that is perfect for breakfast with a view and chilling out at night or playing with new-found-fellow-travelers, etc. Yes, anything that has a balcony or rooftop view in Prague must be amazing.The Golden City

Exploring the city from below is what we paid for this trip though. Prague is an old city straight out of a fairy tale — with small cobbled alleyways, quaint houses with cobbled roofs and four-framed window panes, a large Gothic church towering over a large market square, an old astronomical clock that dates back to the 15th century, and a pastry that has a long tradition originating from the Slovak town of Skalica, cooked around a trdlo or a hollowed-out log, hence the shape of trdelník. 

Add to these a long old bridge that spans the Vltava River, erected in  the 14th century. According to, there are about 20 bridges spanning the river, but Charles Bridge is a pedestrian-only bridge and is for me the most romantic, connecting you to your prince who’s staying at the massive Prague Castle. Yes, just think of a prince, although today, it functions as the official seat of the President of the Czech Republic. Can’t blame anyone for fabricating because the Hradcany neighborhood is just so surreal it is surrounded by Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque-styled churches, towers, halls and palaces. Is this then taken from your kindergarten fairy tale book or from your 5-year old imagination? Well, here is my Prague, a wonder tale from my 27-year old inner-princess 😉 .

A Fairy Tale
Charles Bridge with Prague Castle in the background
Lesser Town and Old Town
view of the Prague from Hradcany
View from above
enjoying this view too

For more images please click:

Stock photography by Roche Angeli Cag-ong at Alamy

2 thoughts on “Straight out of a Fairy Tale

  1. Beautiful pictures!
    I just didn’t get how Prague can have 3 brudges, as there is about 26 bridges over Vltava rover in Prague and then over Brusnice and Rokytka some more… ?
    And I also didn’t get why the trdelnik is trdelnik, as I know where it comes from: trdlo (in Czech) = stupid person and also something that rotates. Czech people hate trdelnik; It is very tasty of course, anything with so much sugar and cinnamon would be tasty. It looks good to prepare and it is so easy to prepare and that’s the only reason it is everywhere. Everywhere? No, definitely not, as it is only and only for tourist and at the touristic city center, as we do not spend our money for this overpriced low quality sweet thing. It is not traditional here, last 20 years maybe. We better have venecek, vetrnik, rakvicka, medovnik, spicka, kolace, buchty, makovky, marokanky, koblihy … hmmmm now I have to go for something sweer. But that would definitely not be trdelnik. 🙂


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