My Thoughts at 12am

Back to the days when those leaves are on the process of decay, you notice the hints of yellow or brown on the edges. And you think in a few days, they would fall. I could easily say, that would be my favorite part. Even some already fell on the ground. Too eager, I’m not quite sure. 

It’s ironic how one finds beauty in something that is falling and is about to die. Quoting again myself here with my first autumnal experience (that’s kind of contrasting did you notice?) Now, these trees are leaf-less, bald, dark, looking dead. Could one find beauty in that too?
I guess the answer would be yes. It’s life. You are supposed to find any mundane hint that it could still be amazing no matter how it sucks. To notice a slight hint of color in spite of it being gray.
Remember this: It (life) is beautiful because you are looking at it.

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