When Autumn Fell

I am back again after months of hiatus and I hope I will be back again for good. I have so many things I wanted to share and better opted not to because 1) I feel tired most of the time, that 2) I simply feel dumb for words to express things and whatnots, which leads to 3) me being the lazy couch potato that I was most of the time.

On a serious note though, I was undergoing a major (or not so major) change in my career, the transition required to be just the sloth that I was and focus more on the change that was happening right in front of me. Yeah, last spring I transferred work from the Ambulante Pflegedienst to a Fachkrankenhaus specializing in Orthopedic and Neurorehabilitation. I wasn’t happy anymore.  I felt the need of Abwechslung. Good thing I met someone (a fellow Filipino who is now my co-worker) at the train station months ago, who inspired me to not just settle for less. Since then, I wanted to work at their hospital. Even though it took me months to make it happen, and notwithstanding that I have to do it on my own in a foreign land, I am now an IMC Nurse at Median Klinik Berlin Kladow.

But I would not be talking about that.

Autumn is here again. Being my second most favorite season, next to spring, I found again inspiration to open my blog and start writing about whatever it is that comes to mind.

The other day, I grabbed my camera, dressed warm as the weather was starting to get chilly, donned a hut and walked outside. The rain never bothered me. I decided to look for this specific spot I saw in Instagram behind the German Chancellery, right beside the Spree River.

It was a place where locals chill out, jog, or walk, or picnic, but not during times like these. I was alone. Though there were a few passersby, the place was all mine.

I am weird like this. I enjoy long walks with me, myself and I even during bad weather. It has its perks, mind you. The world belongs to you to ponder upon. Though realizations range from how we humans will be able to achieve world peace or if that would ever happen in the first place, to asking why on earth are you walking alone outside under a storm, it was self liberating.

tThe next day, I grabbed my book and went to one of the most crowded little parks in Berlin. Why not when it was just located right in front of the Berlin Cathedral.

The Lustgarten is a favorite hangout place for locals and tourists alike enjoying views of the Berliner Dom and River Spree on both sides. Especially in late September, the Linden trees shed first their early reminder that Autumn is coming, colouring the ground yellow to golden brown, contrasting that of the last few blue skies of Summer.

I sat on one of the many benches and started reading and then people-watching. The reading part was sad. Because the book was sad poetry. A Beautiful Composition of Broken by r.h Sin which I would recommend to my friends who happen to come across the term breakup or heartbreak because of inevitable happenings that the enigmatic love throws in our lives. It is soppy, yeah. So later I decided to watch people and observe them. It is an interesting activity really. Just make sure you don’t stare long enough to be suspicious. You wouldn’t want to be called a wierdo nor a stalker. 

You get to see almost all kinds of human beings going on their own lives. A mom with her toddler playing with the leaves; a dad pushing the cart of his baby (where’s the mother? We wouldn’t know); a pair having serious talk about God-knows-what (serious because the guy was seeming like he was about to cry); a fellow loner sitting way far right, also reading a book; tourists, all kinds of tourists, taking pictures, of course; students having a photoshoot or whatsoever; a guy texting; a young mom calling talking on the phone; man on suit reading the newspaper; and a camera guy taking photos or perhaps documenting the same things that I was seeing. Good for him. He would have his proof. 

Good thing also the boyfriend came just in time when my stomach started its first complaints of hunger. 

It began to rain again and we just have to go. So long…

2 thoughts on “When Autumn Fell

  1. long walks + chilly weather + alone. i love how that feels! it’s really like u own the world. sometimes i do it in the middle of the night. i love this post, makes me wanna grab a book and read outside x

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