The Paris I Visited

I just saw Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in IMAX yesterday, and oh I fell in love ♥️♥️♥️. Not to be over cheesy whatsoever but my heart did skip a couple of times throughout the presentation and it did surpass my expectations.

Was that a rhyme? I don’t care. And  I don’t care about all the critics saying the movie was overrated though beautiful, or that Emma Watson spoiled the role as Belle or that the Beast was more handsome than the Prince at the ending. They were perfect and the movie was grand. I LOVED the whole of it.

So why am I talking about this movie when I have to talk about Paris. Nothing big actually. It is just that the producers of this 2017 real life portrayal of Beauty and the Beast added some back stories about the childhood of the main characters, Belle and the Beast, even including that of Maurice, Belle’s father.

That is where my Paris sets in. Because Belle had the Paris of her childhood. It is one of the touching moments in the movie where Belle and the Beast develop their connection. I am just getting sentimental and thought Paris was back then beautiful. Perhaps even more beautiful.

Who would not fall in love in Paris? Belle and the Beast did. Perhaps it is this cliché or the things that hang in the air when you get there, that hey.. people are falling in love, french-kissing, seeing anything wonderful in a place that’s really old, etc. and.. why not be romantic?

Paris is full of ugly things. But she has won my heart.

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