Cute Vintage Café in Charlottenburg

When one wants to feel the nostalgia that is akin to 15th or 16th Century Europe, one finds himself immersed in Charlottenburg. Thanks to its array of antique boutique shops and vintage wine shops. Add to that our discovery of this quaint humble café at the ends of Kantstraβe — The Kredenz Café.

Dainty lace-adorned glass-wall greets you. Then once you get inside, you will be delicately transported into an old-English tea room or coffeehouse. The feels… the warmth… The walls of the café are also decorated with framed lace and elegant wall paper. You will also find yourself lounging in chairs with embroidered covering with matching polished antique tables. Not to mention of course the lovable service we received. We all want that, don’t we?

It is the kind of place you will enjoy with friends and family alike, as you laze your day between warm coffee-sips and finely baked confectionery that will surely delight your senses – sight, smell and taste altogether. I enjoyed that with Maryl and Joyce, two of my friends who share the same fondness towards everything dainty and sweet.

Photos not mine ©Pinterest

Located at Kantstraβe 81, in Charlottenburg, the café opens its doors for you from Mondays to Saturdays 11am-6pm, Sundays from 12nn-6pm. And yeah, bring cash. To complete the retro feels, they don’t accept cards.

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