Autumn in my Heart

It is my first time to be far away from home where we only have two seasons. Now I am feeling giddy experiencing autumn for the first time in this city where people speak different tongues aside from the language that I fought so hard to learn for 6 months, two years ago. Berlin is multi-cultured, that is why. It is more like a chunk of this world than just being the capital city of Germany. And Berlin transforms into this multi-colored yellows, oranges and reds during the season I am already falling for.

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The wind has turned crisp, the feel, colder. Nights are longer and the sun does not like to linger anymore. Leaves have changed. Rainy days are here. It is the time of the year what people call “second spring”. This season, it is not the flowers that are the highlight. The leaves take away our complete attention.

What is nice about Berlin is that it is a city of many trees. During fall, the trees in different parts of the city turn their leaves in different fashions. But there is more in autumn than just being yellow. It is also a season that can teach us a number of things — from falling in love to letting go, to appreciating life the way it is.

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During Fall, gray skies are above everywhere. It is always raining and the sun seems to be hiding behind thick clouds. Herbst teaches us that no matter how dull your day can be, there is still something that can brighten up your day. You look up and you are greeted with sadness. Look around and you can see that despite this fact, the surrounding can still be bright and beautiful. It was like, when Mr. Sun found it hard to come out, it spread its color around the trees. So get up and never let any dull moment outweigh you! That is just one part of the whole thing. The rest can still be amazing as you can imagine it would be.

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We found our source of happiness in trees. But then again, it is ironic that one finds beauty in something that is falling and is about to die. The leaves of the trees are not just changing color whatsoever. The fact is that, they are dying. They are falling from the tree and decay a couple of days when they linger on the ground. It is just curious how man considers the leaves of autumn the flowers of this season. That is the power of optimism. We accept not the sad reality but the hidden treasure we cling onto.

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The trees show us how hard it is to let go. No matter how the leaves fall, I think they fall in a reluctant fashion. Reluctance on the part of the tree. They don’t just fall immediately, they change color. They do not just fall at once, it lasts months. The tree is letting go of something valuable, worthy, that it may live. It is not that easy, you can see. It is as if, had it rather more time, it would not let go. Had it rather more strength to combat the wind, it would persevere. Had it more warmth to fight the cold, it would not die. But despite these weaknesses, I can still consider that strength — letting go.

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Whether the trees are reluctant, there is also the ground that has open arms, accepting everything the trees have set free. Like it has its choice, you know. Nevertheless, choice or not, the ground teaches us to accept what life has to offer. The leaves are rotting on us. But, rather go with the flow. Your task is to think of what you can make of it. Make it as your fertilizer! 🙂

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Most of all, fall reminds us that winter is coming! 🙂 Yeah, really, winter is coming and we have to prepare. The leaves falling act as our sand drifting slowly as time goes by. We have to be ready for the worse is yet to come. The weather will get worse, the mood sadder, and the cold is the bastard.

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It is true, I am happy that I now live in a place where falling can be artistic and pedagogic, and letting go can be a good decision.

….more autumn pictures when we went to Potsdam.

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